Ken Burns is my new booze & white Boomers with guns & those Americans who still have feelings left

True story.
I don’t use cannabis to “get high,” but the worst thing I’ve ever done “while high on weed” was eat too much unhealthy food. I won’t even get into shit that went down when I was “high on alcohol.”
As a new iMovie prodigy (you know I’m being flip, right?), the Ken Burns filter idea intrigues me.
Sometimes, I feel like this character. This is not a new feeling. When I was in undergrad, friends routinely called me Mother Gruber aka Mother Grubs.
I feel like the entire 2019–2020 school year was just me embodying this character in front of children.
So many people in healthcare are bored with their jobs. Why? What are we doing wrong. I have some theories, but I’ll spare you.
I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but I love how some Tucsonans just cannot get over that time Life or Time called Speedway Blvd “the ugliest street on Earth” or some shit. Seriously. Some folks here are still bothered by this & it happened in the 1970s.
Derry Girls. Watch it immediately. I re-watched both seasons with my sister who had never seen it before and was immediately hooked, also. Television shows — also good substitute for booze.
I also have American Medical Trauma with cause. This meme (thank you FALA students for teaching me the value of memes) just says it so concisely.
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Educator, essayist, feminist, human.

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Allison Gruber

Allison Gruber

Educator, essayist, feminist, human.

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