Winking at Meezer

This is what the glamorous life of a writer post-editing her second book looks like. Just as I imagined it would when I was a girl. Yeah, I’m in bed. Had to get those edits done. When needs must . . .
I do feel this way when people call me “middle-aged.” Look at my life, fuckers. You think I’m going to live to be 90? Miss me with “middle-aged” — I was “middle-aged” when I turned thirty, and even that might be generous. Even if you don’t have cancer, you will die someday, too. So laugh. Go ahead, have a laugh at death’s expense.
When I was courting Sarah (mi esposa) I didn’t realize that her love of cats runs so deep that she finds things like this (which are hilarious) deeply offensive to cats. Anyway, this is hilarious still and i sent it to her when we were a courtin’ and she didn’t think it was funny at all. But it’s funny because it’s true.
I feel you, little sister.




Educator, essayist, feminist, human.

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Allison Gruber

Allison Gruber

Educator, essayist, feminist, human.

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